Laidback Luke And Gian Varela Drop Latin ‘Ponme Loco’ feat. Melfi

Laidback Luke is back with the groove. The Dutch producer went full Latin Tech House with his latest release. A collaboration with Gian Varela and Melfi, ‘Ponme Loco’ is about to light up every club. The record has a huge sub that our bodies will love. It is perfect for both day and night thanks to its infectious melody. Super easy to sing to, the crowd will be fully engaged all Summer long.

Gian Varela is a quickly emerging producer taking over the global dance music scene. Hailing from Panama, his unconventional yet thrilling ways of fusing sounds and genres defines his artistry. Melfi’s signature vocals take the track to a new height. Vocal chops run the drop giving it life and human touch.

Laidback Luke had enhanced dance music for decades now. A household name, Lucas has driven the scene further. Artists like him are what allow our music to thrive and live on. He had this to say about the track:

I met Gian Varela during this Miami Music Week and his energy and vibe works perfectly for my team and I. He came to us with a bag of demos and I felt Ponme Loco was the perfect fit for me. I think it will help a lot of people go “crazy” on the dance floors. Let’s go loco this summer!

Make sure to check out ‘Ponme Loco’ below!

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