AEG Releases Statement Regarding Skrillex Ticket Scalping Issues

Ticket-selling companies appear to have had enough of the issues and complaints Scalping has generated. Yesterday, Anschutz Entertainment Group, also known as AEG released a statement regarding the issues they had during the release of the tickets for Skrillex’s 5-hour set at Red Rocks. AEG stated measurements have been taken to ensure fans are allowed to buy tickets for Skrillex’s upcoming set. This marks a very important first step on the way to fighting scalping and all similar practices.

What you see in the image above is a tweet resuming how bad scalping has gotten over the last few years. In America, scalping has become one of the main issues live entertainment’s dealing with. Thousands of fans have found themselves unable to get tickets to their favorite events. Long waiting times. Using multiple devices to try and access. Nothing seems to be able to stop scalping from happening.

To many, this may not sound like such a big crisis. As long as companies are getting paid, why should they care? The reality is, attendees all over the world are fed up with this. They’ve had enough, and they’ve been quite vocal about it. The pressure has increased with time, and now companies are finally starting to feel it. AEG, however, appears to be fully committed to facing the challenge at hand.

AEG Releases Statement

In a brief statement, AEG Presents reported it was able to recover some Skrillex tickets back from the hands of scalpers. It also announced it would allow fans to register through a safe platform to buy those tickets.

This. This is how you do it. Are you taking notes Ticketmaster? What could possibly be so complicated about it? The reactions, of course, are more than positive. Fans are ecstatic. And with good reason? Festival and live events ticket prices have gone up quite a decent amount since the pandemic. It is harder to put up events. It is also harder to afford to go to the events. Here at EDMTunes, we thank AEG Presents for actually caring about their attendees.

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