Ultra Music Festival Announces Spring Clothing Collection + iHeartRaves 'ULTRA STYLED' Collaboration

Ultra Music Festival iHeartRaves – Since its inception in Miami in 1999, Ultra Music Festival has remained a creative playground where Ultranauts are encouraged to think about what the future fashion will look like, and express themselves through rocking outfits inspired by the festival’s intergalactic, sci-fi aesthetic.

The forthcoming Ultra Miami 2020 Spring Collection will debut exclusively at the 22nd annual Ultra Music Festival, taking place Friday, March 20 – Sunday, March 22 at Bayfront Park. Revelers can head to the onsite “SHOP ULTRA” merch store for the first opportunity to browse and purchase the brand-new line. The Ultra Miami 2020 Spring Collection is quintessential Miami – sporty and casual, yet also includes reflective and iridescent pieces to tie a cosmic Ultranaut look together.

In addition to Ultra Music Festival’s ficial merch ferings, the festival has also teamed up with fashion brand iHeartRaves to create a collaborative capsule collection called ‘ULTRA STYLED’ that reflects the festival’s futuristic feel. Led by four unique looks – TECH DOLLZ, INTO THE MATRIXX, REBEL RESISTANCE and SPACE BABEZ – the overall vibe is edgy, cyber and dynamic. The collection is comprised more than 200 curated pieces, including kaleidoscopic, reflective fabrics, playful uses mesh and fishnet, sporty and robotic accessories, and pops neon.

Ultra consistently utilizes the most cutting-edge technology in its staging and designs, and Ultra’s festival fashion mirrors that same innovative verve.

Shop the ‘ULTRA STYLED’ collection here, and head to Ultra Music Festival‘s onsite “SHOP ULTRA” merch store next month to purchase the Ultra Miami 2020 Spring Collection.

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