Tomorrowland Releases Police Report with 212 Arrests

Tomorrowland is the largest festival in Europe. It spans 3 weekends, with 16 stages, 400 DJ’s, and 180,000 attendees. The fest is effectively a mid-sized city that forms every year, and with that, arrests are bound to happen.

The Belgian Police of Boom, Flanders released the statistics for this years crime report: 

212 people were arrested for various reasons. 59 people tried to hop the fence. 54 others were arrested for dealing drugs. 20 were arrested for picking pockets, with 181 thefts reported all together. 

People were also fined for lesser illegalities. 607 drug users were fined and removed from the festivals. 7 drone fliers and 60 illegal taxi drivers were also fined and kicked out.

This is actually a pretty decent showing up for humanity in this regard. Let’s take a moment to celebrate that violent crime is at zero for the largest festival in Europe. 

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