The Chainsmokers to Perform at the Edge of Space in 2024

Just when you thought The Chainsmokers couldn’t get any bigger, they expand into space. That’s right, the duo has agreed to become the first musical act to perform live at the edge of space.

Sometime in 2024, the duo will perform in a pressurized capsule tethered to a stratospheric balloon floating 20 miles above the earth’s surface. They will record their performance from inside the capsule, giving viewers a firsthand look at both the music and the trip.

This is all due to an initiative by World View, a company known for experimental stratospheric exploration. World View recently succeeded in an initiative for the world’s highest free fall jump, performed by Alan Eustace in 2014.

“We have always dreamed of going to space and are stoked to collaborate with World View to have this adventure and experience. We know the views of both Earth and space are going to be incredible and inspiring and we hope to leverage this flight for creativity on future projects.”

-The Chainsmokers in a statement.

World View CEO Ryan Hartman says the idea was inspired by his son’s interest in the duo, and he’s hopeful this is just the start of artist endeavors in space.

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