RMA brings explosive progressive vibes on his latest Ensis Records release “Burn” with Mert Gökmen on vocals

The track features a mesmerizing atmosphere, fueled by future bass inspired chord sounds, pluck melodies and soaring pads, all these beautifully complimenting Mert’s vocals, but it also has amazing energy and drive on the drop parts thanks to the powerful basslines, excellent drum work and bigroom inspired lead melody. The transitions from sections to section are well executed through the use diverse sweeps, build-ups and other elements, giving the track a very solid atmosphere and flow, which in turn helps everything come together and give the track cohesiveness. The second breakdown is great aswell, leading into the second drop. RMA knew how to keep the energy going aswell, by slowly introducing extra percussion elements and vocal insertions. Definitely a top-notch festival progressive house tune which we recommend you check out!

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