Reinier Zonneveld & Hi-LO Join Together Again For ‘Flying Octopus’

Prominent techno producers Reinier Zonneveld and Hi-Lo release their fifth collaboration called ‘Flying Octopus‘. Now on Filth On Acid, the two producers continue their hugely successful partnership with an ambiental-court acid techno theme with some characteristic sounds of the duo. The track is an all-consuming and nerve-wracking primetime banger. The drums hit hard, the bass is heavy and of course, acid flashes add to give the groove a visceral feel.

Their previous collaborations ‘Saw Of Olympus,’ ‘Balearic Mornings,’ ‘Existencia’ and ‘String Theory’ have climbed charts, made their way into influential record bags, and blown up dance floors all over the world. Each of them has brought us a series of sounds that evoke both the roots of techno itself and some innovative trends involving trance and house, all united in a harmonic and meticulous way.

Flying octopus HI-LO Reinier Zonneveld

‘Flying Octopus’ has a solid rhythm that condenses while the atmospheres manage to open up, and the additional percussion enhances the energy of the track. The well-crafted synthesizers take the content to the limits that blur both the meaning of techno and trance, filling it with a more futuristic perspective – but still with a firm stance from the roots of both styles.

At times, you feel the gloomy atmosphere that the song wants to create, but most of it gives us a feeling of complete admiration for something illogical and fascinating at the same time, just like a flying octopus. It is strong and rude, due to its multiple kicks drums taken directly from the rock. After an epic breakdown that will get hands in the air, the whole track drops once more and powers the crowd into the next dimension.

You can listen to Reinier Zonneveld & Hi-Lo ‘Flying Octopus’ below!

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