Mubert Releases AI Generated Album Titled “Infinite Limits” in Collaboration with 25 Artists

25 artists from different areas of music and from all around the globe have been creating their infinite streams for Mubert over the last 6 months. Summing up its busiest and most productive year, Mubert is presenting the first part in the series of compilations “Infinite Limits” with the cuts from the artists’ streams, available on Bandcamp (CLICK HERE). 

The borderless generative compositions of Mubert artists are breaking all geographical and genre boundaries, as among participants can be lined: Indonesian avant folk by Senyawa, UK no-audience underground from Helena Celle, Richard Youngs, Astral Social Club, plunderphonic electronics from Ergo Phizmiz and Wojciech Kucharzcyk, the leading Greek producers’ Jay Glass Dubs and Abyss X, the now sound of US from 8ULENTINA, Dalibor Cruz and Tristan Arp, the Ukrainian mavericks Etapp Kyle and Mlin Patz. 

With the help of digital media and algorithms, generative music is turned into a new and fascinating world of AI-music tools. Since 2016 Mubert is one of the leading services which helps the new generation of forward-thinking producers and composers to work with generative systems in their own way.

Richard Youngs who participated in the collaboration shares his thoughts on the project: “I think there’s this misconception that in experimental music, anything goes. Well, it does and it doesn’t. Often I work with very strict rules – that’s what makes it experimental. In science, every experiment has parameters, even if you then set random values to certain variables. So, there's discipline. What I liked about making music for the Mubert project was this discipline. I had to stick to a time signature, a key, a certain number of bars, certain frequency ranges. It became like very interesting work – what could I do within these very precise boundaries? Each loop was a mini-experiment.”

Neil Campbell from Astral Social Club adds: “What I’m always most interested in collaborations is when the collaborator does things I’d never do and Mubert really delivered on all that. I stayed up late when I first listened back to the results – just couldn’t tear myself away, wondering what would happen next. Loved it!”.

The main mission at Mubert is to empower and protect the creators. With that goal in mind, and driven by a passion for music, the team behind the platform built a set of features to enable sound producers to enhance their music with ease. 

With over 2 million downloads worldwide, the music platform Mubert inspires and empowers creators and brands in generating unlimited, royalty-free music with the help of AI. With more than 100 genres to choose from and a wide selection of attributes to help them find the right tracks, Mubert users can instantly generate an audio track.

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