Lucas & Steve turn their hand to Armin van Buuren’s ‘Don’t Let Me Go’!

Fresh from collaborating with Armin van Buuren on last year’s single ‘Don’t Give Up On Me’ (feat. Josh Cumbee), Lucas & Steve once again shook hands with the fellow Dutchman on a musical level. Ttheir remix ‘Balance’ single ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ (feat. Matluck) saw its ficial release on Armada Music alongside remixes from Sevenn, Will Sparks and An Grays in the third round ‘Balance’ remixes.

A definite highlight in the sets the Dutch duo since December 2019, this remix ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ sees Lucas & Steve draw inspiration from the hardstyle-flavored original. Their version blends the quality vocals Matluck with their trademark summer sound, adding to the diversity to the entire remix package as Sevenn, Will Sparks and An Grays also head into completely different directions with their respective remixes album singles ‘Mr. Navigator’, ‘Song I Sing’ and ‘Miles Away’. You can hear the full remix below!

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