Jonny Koch and Annie Sollange join forces to explore the dark side of romance on ‘Love Me‘!

Singer/songwriters Jonny Koch and Annie Sollange join forces to explore the dark side romance on ‘Love Me‘, their first single for hot UK label NCS (aka No Copyright Sounds, discoverers worldwide sensations Alan Walker and Sub Urban). 

With over 6 million combined streams for their tracks, and hailing from Seattle and Moscow respectively, Koch and Sollange were serendipitously brought together when an avid fan they had in common DM’d them and suggested that they work together. 

Inspired by recent breakups in both the singers’ lives, ‘Love Me‘ is an infectious bit modern pop that perfectly encapsulates the bittersweet uncertainty today’s relationships. And, course, it’s out on Valentine’s Day. Check it out below and make sure to let us know your thoughts on it!

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