Justin Mylo Just Released I Wanna Fall In Love Featuring Raphaella

Justin Mylo I Wanna Fall In Love – Justin Mylo is bringing back sunshine with his feel good tune “I Wanna Fall In Love”.

Bright chords, bouncy grooves and blissful vocal chops paired with a shimmering vocal performance Raphaella speak for itself. Justin Mylo is back continuing to impress with a track that can only be described in one word: Happy. After Chasing Shadows and Burn Out (his collab with Martin Garrix), I Wanna Fall In Love is released through STMPD RCRDS.

The 24-year old Dutchman is well on his way to put his mark on today’s electronic music horizon as his previous bops have amounted to over more than 100,000,000 streams already. Justin Mylo, aka Emilio Behr is definitely one to watch, as he progresses with his playful, catchy sound.

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