Los Angeles Rapper The Koreatown Oddity Next on Stones Throw with New Solo Album

Dominique Purdy, better known as The Koreatown Oddity, will release a new solo album on Stones Throw.

ISTHISFORREAL? is Purdy’s first full-length on Stones Throw since Little Dominiques Nosebleed in 2020. Across 11 new and original raw hip-hop tracks, the Los Angeles rapper and film-maker reflects on the news we hear about or receive through social media that sometimes you can’t help but wonder whether it’s real or not.

Alongside today’s announcement, Purdy has shared “Misophonia Love,” a tongue-in-cheek love song about him and his girlfriend who has misophonia, a condition where repeated sounds can become so annoying that you feel enraged. Purdy recommends that you listen to the song after researching the condition.

Purdy began his career in music by selling mix-tapes across Los Angeles, and he’s since collaborated with Mndsgn, as Vivians, and the late Ras G, as 5 chuckles. You can read more about him and his work his EDMjunkies podcast here.


01. Opening Confession
02. Fundrazors
03. Misophonia Love
04. Indifferent
06. Homeboys in Outerspace
07. History Tension
08. Something or Nothing?
09. Hellooo???
10. Existential Landlord
11. An Endless Run

ISTHISFORREAL? LP is scheduled for July 22 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Misophonia Love” in full below and pre-order the album here.

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