J.S. Zeiter Signs to Andrey Pushkarev’s Luck of Access

Luck of Access, Andrey Pushkarev‘s label, has released an EP from J.S. Zeiter.

J.S. Zeiter, born James Zeiter, is a name that will be familiar to collectors of the finest dub techno. Over the last 15 years, the mysterious Manchester artist has quietly rolled out an array of beautifully crafted deep dub techno, some of which fetch crazy prices on the second-hand market.

Here he delivers three elegant tracks that connect the dots between Detroit dub and ambient.

On the A-side, you’ll find “Scatter,” a rolling slice of melancholic dub techno that’s enhanced by drifting delays, gentle forthright drums, and crisp percussion.

On the flip, you’ll meet an impressive duo: “Silent Running” is a delicious closing track while “Absence” reveals epic and immersive soundscapes that give you a glimpse of what a dystopian future may sound like.

For more information on Pushkarev, check out his EDMjunkies podcast here.


01. Scatter
02. Silent Running
03. Absence

Scatter EP is available now. You can stream it in full below and order it here.

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