Charlotte de Witte Releases psychedelic ‘Universal Consciousness’ EP

The Belgian artist stars in the fifteenth reference of her label KNTXT with four cuts that show the direction in which her groundbreaking sound is heading. Charlotte de Witte releases her anticipated ‘Universal Consciousness‘ EP with an exclusive presentation for Beatport too.

Charlotte de Witte is an artist that does not need an introduction, as her name resonates with her skills on the DJ decks and studio. Moreover, showcases at the legendary Printworks, collaborations with Apple Music, or 10-hour sets with great staging are just a small summary of the latest steps.

In addition to all this, de Witte has just taken over from Amazingblaze with ‘Universal Consciousness’, one of her most psychedelic EPs to date. The occasion deserved it, and this release has been accompanied by a new Livestream that she recorded in the empty space of the Flanders Expo.

“Following up on my latest ‘Asura’ EP in September, I decided to delve a bit deeper in the world of psychedelia. All the tracks of the EP are psy inspired, some more than others. I’ve been playing these tracks for a while now in the clubs. It’s been a real pleasure to see the crowd’s reaction and see the amount of track ID requests online. This one is from me to you, I hope you enjoy my Universal Consciousness EP!”

Charlotte de Witte

Charlotte de Witte- Universal Consciousness tracks

Charlotte de Witte Universal Consciousness

The opener track ‘Satori‘ is dark and heavy. The chunky, raw drums hit hard and flat, as the squelchy acid synths pan about the mix. An enchanting vocal wail brings an extra trance-inducing element that is sure to tap into the hearts and minds of the crowd.

The super ‘Kali‘ is a slick and high-speed piece that shows the love relation between psytrance and techno. The video game-style synths peel off the groove next to alien sound effects, and the subtly evolving acid line. This one is the clearest representation of KNTXT’s direction, the link between psytrance and techno. The signing of artists such as Indira Paganotto already made us see that this direction has come to stay.

Then comes the dynamic, bouncy, and acid laced-title cut ‘Universal Consciousness’. It’s a fulsome tune with rubbery kicks and visceral 303 loops that will melt the mind. Its infinite loops hypnotize even the most attentive person.

Last of all is ‘Ahimsa‘ with its bright, lashing acid synths and hammering kick drums. It’s the perfect mix of physical groove and psyched-out synth work which is perfect for both basements and vast main rooms alike.

You can stream Charlotte de Witte -‘ Universal Consciousness’ here or below!

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