Flynninho Unveils ‘Sicario Mode’, A Dark House Single Inspired ‘Sicario’ Film

It’s no secret that inspiration to create art can come from all facets of life, whether audio, visuals, life experiences, film, or inspiring brain stimulation. With his new track, Flynninho channels energy that was derivatively inspired by the action-packed film, ‘Sicario‘, in order to produce ‘Sicario Mode‘. Albeit powerful emotivity comes through, it’s ready for clubs to raise the energy and curate a moment. With all that in mind, the track is out and available for all to hear via Pharaoh Phonix.

Based on the drive and adrenaline, Flynninho decided to take a dark, house-oriented approach. From the punchiness to the aggressive tone, one which also sustains energy, the producer’s translation came through. Moreover, the artist spoke directly about the inspiration and how his creative process borrowed from the movie trailers.

“After seeing how badass the Sicario movies were and hearing it, I decided to make the entire song out of the two movie trailers audio, and SICARIO MODE was born!”


Finally, listen to Flynninho deliver a dark house tune packed with energy on ‘Sicario Mode’. The track is out now and available via the Pharaoh Phonix label.

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