EDC Las Vegas 2022 Survival Guide

It is officially the time of the month when excitement and anticipation for EDC Las Vegas is approaching the peak. EDC week is officially a week away and that includes Insomniac’s flagship festival taking place on 5/20-5/22. As you all wait for your weekend to approach under the desert sky, here is a comprehensive survival guide for the largest festival in North America.

Parking and Transportation

General Parking is free for all headliners! The largest parking lots that are easily accessible are located on the west and south sides (Brown and Green Lots), accessible via Las Vegas Blvd. Unfortunately shuttle passes and premier parking are all sold out now. So if you don’t want to pay an exorbitant fee for Ubers, driving into the festival is the way to go.

Most EDC veterans are now familiar with the traffic jams from everyone trying to get to the festival. Over the past few years, traffic has significantly reduced but you can bet there there will still be long waits into the parking lots. Do yourself and your friends a favor by getting into the festival earlier to save the discomfort. You’ll be able to experience the festival venue with less people, let alone catch the sets of artists playing earlier time slots.


It can be quite the hassle to carry around your merchandise, backpacks, and other rave accessories. Fortunately, locker rentals are still available here. There are three different type of locker rentals for GA passholders, VIP passholders, and EDC campers.

How to Dress

at EDC, headliners can dress anyway they want, just don’t come fully naked! Flex the costumes and outfits that you have been preparing all year long. Everyone is welcome here and the weekend is to be a no judgement zone where everyone should be comfortable. With that in mind, the venue is in a desert and can easily have the temperature in the 100’s if you arrive early. Dress comfortably where you will not sweat bullets but also not freeze as the temperature drops towards the end of the night. The festival layout is MASSIVE so it would be wise to wear sneakers or your feet will hate you. Sunglasses are also a good to have item as all the bright lights can take a toll on eyes throughout the 3 days.


Las Vegas heat is no joke, especially out in the dry desert. Please drink lots of water and keep yourself and those around you safe. Water stations will be spread out through the venues so It may be a smart idea to whip out your hydration packs.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage stands will be located across the festival grounds. Beer and liquor will also be able to be purchased at bars for patrons that are 21+. Credit, debit, Apple Pay, and Android Pay will be accepted for payment.


Insomniac has some of the dopest EDC merch each year. Artists will also have their collections for sale at the merchandise booths on the grounds. Support your beloved festival and favorite artists by purchasing some gear to show off at the festival!

Cellphone Signal

Where are you guys? Can you hear me now? My texts did not go through… Cell signal has never been good at EDC due to the landscape and having 100,000+ people clogging the signals in the middle of a desert. Be sure to establish meetup spots with your friend groups in case people get lost or split up to see other DJs. Use timestamps if you do send texts. For those with some money to spare, airtags would be a good investment to find your friends and have been confirmed to work for festivals.


Every security line is going to be different depending on who is conducting the search. Insomniac has noted that ticketholders will be subject to a TSA style search. In order for you to not find yourself without festival essentials, make sure everything is SEALED. Cigarettes, gum, and even deodorant need to be sealed. Be sure to check out the full list of items you can bring in. And PLEASE do not bring in any weapons and any other prohibited items.

Lost & Found and Safety

We hope no one will need to ever go to the lost & found but there will be sites available. Medical professionals will also be present throughout the whole festival. If you see someone that needs help or in trouble, reach out to your nearest event staff or medical tent for assitance.

EDC Week

EDC week is just as epic as the festival itself. Your favorite artists will be playing throughout the week at dayclubs and nightclubs across the various venues/casinos in Las Vegas. The parties start on Wednesday May 18 and continue to Tuesday May 24. Check out the full lineup here.


Most of you EDC vets or even first timers already know about the grand scale of Kinetic Field and Circuit Grounds. Please do check out the rest of the stages! There are 9 total this year with the all new bionicJUNGLE making its Vegas debut. Insomniac puts a lot of effort into all of the stage design and layouts so you are not missing out if you venture away from Kinetic Field and Circuit Grounds. The stage lineups are also out so check them out here to plan out your schedule.

Any veteran knows that EDC Las Vegas is a marathon and not a race. It is very important to pace yourselves throughout the weekend. Jetlag, booze, and lack of sleep can take a toll on your bodies. You do not want to get sick and miss out on all the fun. Be sure to get in your meals and hydrate frequently. Lastly, watch out for your belongings and safety, as well as for those around you. EDC has always been a safe haven for ravers where good vibes and amazing music is everything. PLUR is abundant and overflowing so get ready to soak it all in next week!

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