Ibiza’s Government Cracks Down on Alcohol Consumption

One of the most popular party destinations globally gets hit with firm regulations. Ibiza and Mallorca see new rules implemented regarding alcohol consumption, directly affecting the tourist population. 

According to DJ Mag, restrictions will affect both islands, which means the hotspot resort areas will be too. It is terrible news for those all-day partiers and drinkers since all restaurants, bars, and resorts can only serve three drinks at lunch or dinner per customer and six maximum daily. 

The restrictions don’t stop there; the government has also banned balcony hopping or jumping off them into pools, probably best for everyone’s safety. Now tourists are at risk of facing fines between €1000 and €6000. On the other hand, establishments could receive fines between €60,001 to €600,000, along with three-year closures.

These moves intend to change the stigma around Ibiza as a binge-drinking and weekend-bender center for the world. Moreover, looking toward the future, this newly added set of restrictions is here to stay or at least until 2025 (DJ Mag). 

If you’re traveling to the Balearic Islands or just interested in learning more, check in with the local government for additional information. 

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