Google I/O Developer Conference Bulletpoints

Every year, Google puts on the I/O; which is their developer conference to lay out their rollout for their forthcoming year of products, services, and technologies. This year was no disappointment, and the company is coming at us with a slew of grew new tech to make our lives easier and more seamless.

The conference unveiled teasers for the Pixel 7 and 7a coming out this fall. And gave details about their budget smartphone, the Pixel 6a, slated for July 28th at $449. These new phones will all feature the ‘Tensor Chip’; which is the newest most efficient piece of the tech to make processing efficient and smooth. They will also release a new Google Watch with FitBit integration; Google will release a new Tablet, and Pixel Buds Pro, which has been profiled more extensively in another article

Key bullet points around software improvements for 2022:

  • Google Translate will add 24 languages
  • Google Maps will use machine learning to improve urban-scapes in Africa and India; as well as improve interior renderings of buildings.
  • Google Maps will also globalize their eco-friendly routing
  • Youtube will push for more chaptered videos, as well as feature auto-transcripts using speech recognition and auto-translate software.
  • Google Docs will have TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) feature that will summarize documents for the reader.
  • Google Meet (similar to zoom) will add AI-powered portrait lighting in tandem with their Starline telepresence project. 
  • Google Multisearch will allow users to search by photo and asking a question to improve results
  • Google Real Tone will capture darker skin towns, filter product searches by skin tone; and categorize image searches based on skin tone, hair tone, and texture. 
  • Google Nest will remove the necessity to say “Hey Google” so interface with home devices become more seamless. Simple camera and voice recognition will work. 
  • The Google AI assistant will be more conversational and they have worked to reduce innaccurate and offensive responses. 
  • Virtual Credit Cards will provide a virtual card number that will act as a buffer between bank cards; like Visa, Amex, Capital One, and Mastercard to reduce fraud. 
  • Google Pay will be more salient with tickets, passes, IDs, and more. 
  • Google Wear (for watches) will feature an ‘SOS’ feature for emergency medical response, and will also feature natural disaster alerts.

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