Gärten Festival 2023 Back to the Mesmerizing Château de Chantilly

France has a long love story with magnificent scenery, historical monuments, beautiful castles, and amazing nature. Lately, the electronic music scene went on and combined what it does best with these amazing spots for a fusion of both worlds and senses. The best example of these combinations is the French Cercle, but we can’t forget some major events such as the Afterlife takeover of the Theatre Antique d’Orange, Positiv Festival in the same venue, and also the Cercle festivals at Le Bourget Airport and Chambord Castle.

Today, and after a first 2022 edition, another newcomer is taking over one of the finest jewels in the crown of France’s cultural heritage, the Chantilly Castle, 50km away from Paris.

Gärten Festival

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque town of Chantilly, a hidden gem awaits both locals and visitors. The Gärten Festival, an annual celebration of architectural and natural beauty, has become a prominent event that captures the essence of Chantilly’s charm. This delightful occasion, held against the backdrop of the town’s rich history and stunning landscapes is becoming a beloved tradition for locals and electronic music enthusiasts.

Chantilly’s history is as rich as its gardens, and the Gärten Festival is a nod to this storied past. The town boasts a legacy steeped in aristocracy, with its magnificent Château de Chantilly standing as a testament to centuries of grandeur. The festival not only highlights the beauty of the monument but also pays homage to the historical significance of the surroundings, offering a unique immersive experience.

2023 Lineup

The Festival will be taking place on Friday, September 8th with some of the biggest names in the melodic techno scene, along with some handpicked international and local acts. On the lineup, we will have the one and only Stephan Bodzin with his unique Live show. Agents of Time will also be taking over the stage with another live performance. Last but not least, other artists will be completing the lineup, including the rising Parisian Notre Dame and DJ/Producer Lena Semara.


The last tickets for the festival are available here, check them out before they’re completely gone.

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