Follow Diplo on his Cruise & Expedition to Antarctica

A week ago, Diplo announced on his socials that he would perform in the craziest location ever in the near future. The man did not lie. We’d later find out that the location itself was Antarctica. As a matter of fact, the talented producer and DJ announced a partnership with Secular Sabbath and Insider Expeditions for a seven-day musical cruise to the cold waters of Antarctica, which will occur in December of this year.

Well, a week later, Diplo annuonced fans will be able to join him. However, as you can expect, the ticket cost is pretty expensive. The weeklong luxury cruise to Antarctica will have tickets starting at a minimum of $15,999 USD, which includes an intimate round table Q&A with Diplo, artists, and industry professionals about the creative process and business of music” — ambient music heard around the clock, “wellness opportunities” like early morning tea ceremonies, sound baths, yoga, and breathwork, and a 24/7 open bar.

With limited slots and an all-encompassing program, securing a place is a highly sought-after chance. Those with a deep appreciation for music and a thirst for exploration can discover additional information regarding this venture and the availability of tickets on the official event website. Diplo and Secular Sabbath will cruise through Antarctica from December 13-20.

Stay tuned for more news!

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