EDMjunkies+ Mix: Download Dan Andrei’s Set From Sunwaves 28

We’re delighted to share a live recording from Dan Andrei at Sunwaves 28.

Like many of his Romanian peers, from Raresh and Rhadoo to Barac and Priku, Andrei likes to stay in the shadows. His hypnotic productions have been released on Arpiar, Amphia, Be Chosen—and also EDMjunkies+—but he’s notoriously careful with where he shares his music.

As shown in this mix, he has a rare ability to effortlessly extract groove, and we wanted to share it. Expect just over two hours of house, minimal, and techno cuts, and a little taste of one of the annual event’s best sets.

For more information on Dan Andrei, check out his official EDMjunkies podcast here. Meanwhile, EDMjunkies+ subscribers can download the Sunwaves mix below.

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