Deadmau5 Goes Meta with PIXELYNX Augmented Reality

Deadmau5 and fellow music producer Richie Hawtin have announced the upcoming release of a new gaming platform called PIXELYNX. The partnership is with Niantic, the company who brought us the AR world of Pokemon Go. 

“As we look towards launching our platform in 2022, the development of a mobile app that allows fans to collect new songs and NFTs in the real world was always part of our vision to create the music metaverse,” said Inder Phull, CEO and co-founder of PIXELYNX. “Teaming with Niantic on their Lightship ARDK to develop our mobile gaming app, will ensure that fans are able to take our game with them wherever they go, blending digital and real world experiences and enriching the fan experience in completely unique ways.”

PIXELYNX will leverage Niantic’s Lightship Platform and AR kit to create an augmented reality. This will encourage the gamers to move, explore and connect with others across the globe. PIXELYNX is a virtual world ecosystem which will allow music artists to create and control their own interactive environments. The artists can monetize their worlds through playable experiences, virtual performances, and NFTs. The concept is that players will collect prizes and songs through game play. They can also explore the world, attend concerts, and hunt for NFTs to unlock easter eggs and new music. 

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