Berlin Nightclub Capacity Will Be Lowered To 50% Due To Rising COVID Cases

Europe is experiencing another COVID-19 surge. The pandemic just doesn’t seem to want to end and Berlin Nightclubs are its latest victims again. Berlin Nightclub capacity will be lowered to 50% starting November 27th. The restrictions will stay in place until December 19th. There is no guarantee that they won’t be extended, however.

Club-goers will need to present a negative test upon entry into nightclubs. Germany’s new ‘2G Plus’ rule will require a negative test regardless of if you have the vaccine. The ‘2G’ rule refers to large-scale events and nightlife space. The two “Gs” – either ‘geimpft’ (vaccinated) or ‘genesen’ (having had COVID in the last six months).  Rémi Letournelle, a Berlin Club Owner, had this to say about the new restrictions:

“In the context of my two clubs, it makes it super tough because they’re actually quite small and 50% capacity just isn’t sustainable financially for parties…It’s not fully clear if we have to keep masks for concerts or limited capacity or minimum distance between people, which pretty much equals half capacity. It’s still up in the air”

Club owners are entitled to government support but fear that payments could take months to come through. If cases get worse, Germany might consider another national lockdown. COVID cases in Germany have been rising since the Summer. On November 23rd, the highest number of cases was recorded in one day with 68,000 new cases.

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