ALBUM REVIEW: Rezz – Spiral

Rezz is a usual suspect for musical excellence in the EDM world in recent years. She’s topped charts as one of the most notable artists in her realm and performed on some of the biggest stages worldwide. Now the talented musician returns with her latest hypnotizing studio release, Spiral. 

‘Chemical Bond’

Chemical Bond‘ is the first tune on Rezz’s 11-track album; it’s a heavy start to Spiral featuring electronic artist Deathpact. This one fits its name for sure, as you’ll start to drip into a lab beaker with each beat.

‘Let Me In’

Get some release from ‘Let Me In‘ and drift off as fkynsyd‘s voice pulls you deep in. Listeners are in store for a treat when the bass drops into a groovy Rezz beat that everyone’s come to love.


The first solo track from Rezz on Spiral is ‘Levitate‘; this song set’s a dark, chill dance mood. Rezz’s fresh take on her distinct sound in ‘Levitate’ will make you float away.


Sacrificial‘ goes down a mysterious rabbit hole as the melodic genius of Rezz and PVRIS makes you move. Being a more up-tempo track on the album, ‘Sacrificial‘ is perfect for going hard on most dance floors, but it can also be listened to on the commute to work.

‘Paper Walls’

Further into Spiral, you’ll hear ‘Paper Walls‘ with Metric; this banger has a well-crafted melody and a bumping bassline. ‘Paper Walls’ brings the best of both rock and electronic music into one vibey tune.


Better hold onto something because ‘Spun‘ will knock you off your feet. ‘Spun’ builds up quickly and gets right into a driving rhythm. Be careful when you listen to this one; it might make you knock over a few things around the house.   

‘Out Of My Head’

Out Of My Head‘ is a collaboration between Rezz and Shadow Cliq that takes listeners deep into their heads. As the beat flows mesmerizingly on, it’s almost impossible not to groove to ‘Out Of My Head’.

‘Taste of You’

Once you get to ‘Taste of You‘, the journey begins to reach its climax as you’re uncontrollably bobbing your head. To make ‘Taste of You‘, Rezz collaborated with Dove Cameron and what came of it was a hypnotic jam that could convince you to take a bite out of someone.     


Deep in Spiral awaits the dark ‘Vortex‘ created by Rezz and PEEKABOO. ‘Vortex’ sounds fit for those 3 am club nights when ravers need fresh sounds to reset their vibes.


Time‘ feels like nothing more than a construct while listening to Rezz’s release with EDDIE. But, it’s ‘Time’ to strap your shoes on tight and go hard to the powerful bassy beat of their creative track. Minds will drift as these electric alien-like noises take over and drive a crowd’s energy.


Don’t forget to ‘Breathe‘ as Spiral comes to an end and spits you back into reality. ‘Breathe’ is last but not least on Rezz’s 11-song album; she and Fortress of Graves teamed up to produce a mystifyingly mellow number. It’s a beautiful way to wrap up an electrifying collection of music and help ease a listener’s journey back to Earth.   

Right now, Rezz is about to embark on her accompanying tour for Spiral in February 2022. So check out if Rezz is playing in a town near you via and listen to Spiral below.

Photos via Twitter @OfficialRezz


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