CORM!! Brings The Festival Feels With Vocal Banger ‘VooDoo’

Have a listen to a powerhouse of a tune we recently came across.

Anyone missing the uncountable amount of music festivals of the summer? Anyone feeling a bit blue waiting for the next summer season? Well, this song might be medicine for you. We’re talking about American producer CORM!!‘s latest Electro — and electric — track, ‘VooDoo‘.


Meet CORM!!. Dr. Jason Cormier, a world-renowned neurosurgeon, once dreamt about being one of the NBA’s biggest stars. But once that didn’t quite work out, he sought other paths, and ultimately went down two routes: medicine, and music. Today, Jason is one of America’s top brain surgeons. But he is also on his way to becoming one of America’s top producers.

CORM!! finds his roots in the past and present. Some bands that gave birth to the project include Run DMC, T-Pain, and Skrillex. His songs are all home to a different feeling, as he states music is both the mind’s and heart’s right to breathe and blossom. He remembers one particular jamming session in his studio in which the neighbourhood security guard demanded that he lower the music. Since then, the phrase “Bass so loud I’ll knock the f**king neighbour’s house down” stuck with him as a picture of his passion for the craft.


With easy-to-follow vocals, a jumpy rhythm, triplets, and a lot of power, this song is reminiscent of the EDM played about 8 years ago, which, if anything, is a compliment. Enjoy the banging bassline, which is almost Psytrance-like, and imagine hearing this at a festival. It reminds us of a blend between Galantis, TJR, and Timmy Trumpet.

Listen to CORM!!‘s ‘VooDoo‘ down below for a Spotify play, or click here to watch the official video over on YouTube. Alternatively, click this link to support the single on your platform of choice. And keep your eyes and ears peeled to the frequency of EDMTunes for the latest news and music from our beloved industry!

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