Calvin Harris Collabs with 3 Music Elites for ‘Stay With Me’

Calvin Harris, Justin Timberlake, Halsey, and Pharrell Williams have a new song together. It is a energetic; summer-time anthem; and funky track called ’Stay With Me’. The single is already reaching massive numbers on streaming platforms and purchases. Not a suprise with the collaboration line up behind it.

Inside of ’Stay With Me’

This stellar track, ’Stay With Me’ is made up of 3 extremely popular pop artist vocals and a industry leading producer and DJ. In the arrangement it brings funky rifts, memorable and singable vocals, and a groove that could be played anywhere. In the beginning, Halsey hums her verse that repeats itself a few times through out the song. Second, Justin Timberlake chimes in with another vocal remedy. In the track, Justin continues to follow up Halsey’s vocals with his additions but they change-up and give a different flavor with every bite. Third, Pharrell Williams comes in with his talent, giving the song a variety of voices. The 3 singers continue to sings their parts and come together to sing the chorus ”Stay with Me.”

Behind the 3 vocalist, stands Calvin Harris, the man with enough electronic knowledge to produce gold records one after the other. He brings the mix, the production, and the over-all feeling of ‘Stay With Me’. The challenge of mixing 3 vocalist over one track stood no chance against him. ‘Stay With Me’ keeps a funky groove and melodic structure that could be played over and over, thanks to CK.

Photo From Calvin Harris Twitter

The music video

The director knew exactly the fun, colorful, and teamwork the artist wanted to portray in the ’Stay With Me’ music video. The viewer can see all the colors introduced by the artist outfits, set designs, and flashy lights. Also, they can feel the summer heat with palm trees, the sunset, and a California road.

Sneakily, Calvin Harris pops up one time in the video standing behind the vocalist while they walk down the paved black-top. It seems they wanted to express the idea that the vocalist are always in the front but behind all the talent there is even more talent. A very creative and fun way of spreading a lesson everyone should know and learn. You can watch below!

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