Billy McFarland Announces Fyre Festival II ‘Is Finally Happening’

Not many people could have predicted this one: Billy McFarland announced that Fyre Festival II is in the works. The mind behind the infamously fraudulent festival – at least the first iteration of it – tweeted on Sunday night that the event would come back, asking his followers at the same time why they should be part of the adventure.

Obviously, McFarland set up the world to make fun of him with this tweet. “If you need any help with planning, there’s a great documentary on this!” Join Circle CEO Satvik Sethi wrote. Another user said: “I’ll show up with 100 crates full of bananas. No one will go hungry this time around”. “I’m just waiting for the documentary sequel,” said another. From the EDM world, Sam Feldt responded “I can DJ”, with BLOND:ISH replying to her fellow colleague “Make sure you get paid before you play ;)”.

Moreover, fans asked McFarland why he shouldn’t be in jail right now. The businessman responded that “it’s in the best interest of those I owe for me to be working. People aren’t getting paid back if I sit on the couch and watch TV. And because I served my time”, he added.

Billy McFarland got out of jail last year, before spending a couple of months in halfway houses. He then launched a new venture late last year: a treasure hunt referred to as PYRT, in which he announced that he would be hiding 99 bottles across the globe, and each bottle will have its own set of clues and treasure that hunters can find.

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