Bassnectar Sends Email Blast on New Music & ‘The Other Side’ Project

Following a controversial post to his members only site last month, Bassnectar has even more to say this week, as he’s now shared a lengthy email to his email subscribers.

With the subject line reading “New Bassnectar Musique For You,” the producer, aka Lorin Ashton, begins by prefacing his email with a disclaimer about cancel culture.

“One thing:: if you’re in any way involved in Cancel Culture, if you think that any person deserves to be attacked or harmed or banished based on rumors, or if you in any way take time out of your life to be unkind or disrespectful to others, please unsubscribe.”


Now that that’s out of the way, Ashton then goes on to provide an update on some new music he’s working on as well as his new project, ‘The Other Side,” which he describes as ‘a culture label for artists, an underground radio station for us to broadcast to other human beings who want to tune in to hand crafted underground music, off the grid of the mainstream.’

He also offers a link to preview his new 17-track album, The Golden Rule, as well as some other projects he’s been working on, including a potential foray into the ‘black metal’ genre? The producer also offers to help fellow DJs with their mixtapes, edits, and remixes, free of charge, simply because he gets a ‘thrill out of helping other artists get their songs sounding as good as possible (from the backseat).’

Stay tuned for further updates on Bassnectar and his resurrection.

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