Alaska’s Nu Partial Delivers Bass-Heavy EP on Renraku

Austin Williams, better known as Nu Partial, will release a new EP with Renraku, RRRRECEPTION.

Scheduled to release next month, the 24-minute experimental bass ride “powers through submerged frequency manipulation and dynamic sound collages,” the Minneapolis, Minnesota label tells EDMjunkies. Williams created the bulk of it while residing in Mississippi, and he completed it in Alaska while supporting his mother during a surgery.

“I don’t care if I live in Anchorage [Alaska] for another 20 years,” Williams says. “I will never get over the view. Maybe subconsciously it affects my production.”

Much like his debut EP, The Maw, RRRRECEPTION pulls from all corners of bass music, stitching together pieces of garage, glitch, noise, downtempo, drum & bass, hip-hop, and lo-fi.

Before Nu Partial, Williams released as Ascent. He joined Renraku in February of 2017 with the sixth volume of their Communication Themes series. He debuted as Nu Partial on February 2021’s Realtime compilation.

The album cover was designed by Viktor Kadic, known for his work with Mat Zo and his Mad Zoo imprint.


01. Powerade Beat
02. Glue
03. Miami P.D. Bussdown
04. Chive Check
06. Bushidx Blade
07. Pugassi Flex

RRRRECEPTION EP is scheduled for April 2 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Chive Check” in full below.

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