WhatsApp Lets You React As You Please

In a world where iPhones degrade the quality of images and videos when they are sent to Android phones; and where dreaded green text messages inspire bullying in high schools, and ostracize droid users from group chats. WhatsApp is the great equalizer in the world of smartphones. And by that I mean; it corrects much of the hive-minded exclusivity and counterproductivity that Apple has cultivated for its users. 

WhatsApp has paved the way in utilizing WiFi so international communication is easier and easier. Their intuitive programming allows for the seamless sharing of images, video, and group chats. 

And now the app is helping its users react freely to incoming messages with any emoji they choose. The function works like that on instagram; but will feature a ‘+’ icon that will open the entire emoji library for reactions. 

WhatsApp will also be bringing in new features that will allow you to hide online status. And it will allow one to sync their chat logs across multiple devices.

It is an interesting phenomenon when prompted responses; and curtailed emojis come to inhibit our ability to communicate as a species. WhatsApp seems to be interested in raising the bar; which is incredibly helpful when someone has some dank shots and vids from the last festival to share. 

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