EC Twins Rework Beyonce’s ‘Break My Soul’ Into Tantalizing Afro House Banger

House music has *officially* hit the mainstream. Firstly, for proof of this look no further than the recent Drake album, ‘Honestly, Nevermind‘. Secondly, for more proof of this, just check out Beyonce‘s latest single, ‘Break My Soul‘. While some would say the afformented, tracks are not ‘real house’ tunes, I am just happy to see the mainstream embracing that lovely four on the floor. While some of the tunes might not exactly be dance-floor ready, today I bring you a remix of the latter, that truly is. I say this, as I’m sharing with you an exciting remix of Beyonce‘s ‘Break My Soul‘, by the EC Twins.

Bey Break My Soul

The EC Twins remix of Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” sees the duo:

“Adding Afro House and Latin elements with a catchy new baseline and hook”.

Additionally, the twins have gone on the record as stating that:

“…this remix is guaranteed to fill any dance floor it is played to.”

After having heard the song live, I know that the EC Twins remix “Break My Soul” is party starter. After giving it a few more listens since I can assure you that its a hit. If you’re a fan of Beyonce, The EC Twins, or just great remixes, this is a song that you do not want to miss. If you’re a DJ, just know you’ve found a new weapon, as this is a downloadable link.

In conclusion, with a run time of four minutes & twenty-one seconds, The EC Twins remix of Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” is out now on Soundcloud. Lastly, the remix is found below, enjoy!

Beyonce – Break My Soul (EC Twins Remix) | STREAM / DOWNLOAD

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About EC Twins:

Born and raised in the musically historic city of Manchester, England, Marc and Allister Blackham, also known as the EC TWINS, began their career in the House Music scene in Edinburgh, Scotland at age 16. They quickly evolved from “flyer boys” to creating and running the city’s most successful nightclub: Eye Candy. The initials of the infamous nightclub stuck as the brothers are still known around the world as simply… EC Twins.

Known for their uniquely infectious, high energy live shows, the Twins hold residencies in major cities across the USA, including LIFE/LAS VEGAS, CREATE/LOS ANGELES, SUTRA/OC, BASSMNT/SAN DIEGO, NEW YORK, MIAMI, SAN FRANCISCO, CHICAGO, and have performed at many international festivals and iconic venues across the globe, including main stage at TOMORROWLAND, EDC VEGAS, COACHELLA, OUTSIDELANDS SAN FRANCISCO, GLOBAL DANCE FESTIVAL COLORADO & more.

The EC TWINS own label TWIN TURBO recently inked a major distribution deal with the legendary Black Hole is helping to develop new artists and evolve new sounds in the world of EDM.
This is all just the beginning of what is sure to be a long lasting career of trend setting original music and high profile remixes from this talented duo, who relentlessly work hard to pave the way for House Music domination on a global scale. The EC TWINS are fast becoming a household name!

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