We’ve Compiled Our 20 Favorite Tracks from EDMjunkies+ as a Holiday Gift

Ahead of the Christmas holidays, we’ve compiled our favorite tracks from EDMjunkies+ into a one-off compilation, available to EDMjunkies+ members. Please consider it a token of our appreciation for your continued support.

EDMjunkies launched EDMjunkies+, a member-supported community and curated music experience, in 2018. Above all else, it was an effort to protect our independence in a challenging landscape for digital publishers. Instead of selling our editorial, we wanted to create a self-sustaining, ad-free platform to support independent music and culture, and all the artists within that lexicon—producers, DJs, journalists, visual artists, film-makers, etc.

In the two-plus years since launch, we’ve released exclusive and previously unheard works from Lawrence, Afriqua, Vril, DVS1, Roman Flügel, Convextion, Vladislav Delay, SIT, Kate Simko, Jenifa Mayanja, Amorf, Dan Andrei, and many more.

We’ve also handed the reigns to Bjarki, Tom Trago, Sebastian Mullaert’s Circle of Live, Príncipe, and Visionquest, to allow them to showcase the artists in their orbit. Accompanying each release has been exclusive artworks from some of electronic music’s most revered designers, from Palestine to Los Angeles, plus a slew of sample-packs.

As subscribers will already know, each release is available exclusively for a period of three months only, then we move on. So if you were late to the table, there’s a whole heap of great tracks that you’ll have missed out on, including early editions from Tom Trago, Fred P, Lapien, Wata Igarashi, and more.

We really appreciate your support. By subscribing, you’re supporting the artists but also EDMjunkies, and allowing us to continue what we’ve been doing for over 27 years: finding, curating, and serving the best electronic music out there, without paid influence.

So to say thank you, and simply because it’s Christmas and we all need a pick-up, the EDMjunkies staff have compiled their favorite 20 tracks from the back catalog and made them available as a one-off download. It wasn’t easy to whittle them down, but you’ll find a real feast of good music to dig into over the festive period. And there’s plenty more to come soon!

Have a merry Christmas.

The EDMjunkies team.


Adlas “Turn” [EDMjunkies+021]
Alec Falconer “Hospital Interview [EDMjunkies+016]
AshTreJinkins “Love Fast” [EDMjunkies+022]
Darling “Enibas” [EDMjunkies+012]
DeWalta “Quinnie” [EDMjunkies+017]
DJ Nigga Fox “Naruto” [EDMjunkies+018]
FD “This Is Now” (Redeyes Remix” [EDMjunkies+013]
Fred P “Strangers” [EDMjunkies+002]
Janeret “Accretion Disk” [EDMjunkies+005]
Lawrence “Central Park” [EDMjunkies+008]
Leif “Untitled” (Alternative Mix) [EDMjunkies+016]
Ojalá Systems “That’s Life” [EDMjunkies+014]
Öona Dahl “15 Years Old” [EDMjunkies+017]
Roman Flügel “Good Beat #2” [EDMjunkies+003]
Ryan Crosson & Seth Troxler “Breathing” [EDMjunkies+019]
SIT “Accelerate” [EDMjunkies+001]
Tom Trago “Cockayne” [EDMjunkies+012]
Traumer “Transit” [EDMjunkies+011]
Vril “Gringo” [EDMjunkies+001]
Wata Igarashi “Drift Away” [EDMjunkies+003]

EDMjunkies+ Members can find the download link below. If you’re not an EDMjunkies+ member, you can read more about it and subscribe here.

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