Web3 Wrap: 77-Artist Band Chaos Drop NFTs, Beatport and PIXELYNX Partner With Junction 2, and MoreWeb3 Wrap: 77-Artist Band Chaos Drop NFTs, Beatport and PIXELYNX Partner With Junction 2, and More

This week’s Web3 Wrap includes Beatport and PIXELYNX’s partnership with Junction 2 on an NFT drop, COLORS announcing its founding member passes, 77-artist band Chaos dropping their NFT experiment with Chaos Festival, Tamago’s $1 million seed investment, and more.

Check it all out below.

Beatport and PIXELYNX Have Partnered With Junction 2 on a Derivative Synth Head NFT Collection

Beatport and PIXELYNX have partnered with Junction 2 on a new NFT drop.

The collection is a derivative of Beatport and PIXELNYX’s Synth Head collection, which dropped earlier this year. This new collection, which features 300 generative NFTs, hosts a range of new features and added IRL utilities. 

All NFTs in the Junction 2 collection will grant holders a one-day festival pass, queue jumps, a Synth Heads t-shirt, access to exclusive vinyl and merch drops, and whitelist spots for future NFT drops. Four “super rare” NFTs in the collection will grant holders all the previous benefits, plus two-day festival passes, artist-bar access, Junction 2: Inner City club tickets, and a high-quality print of the Synth Head NFT. One “ultra rare” NFT holder will unlock lifetime access (with a +1) to Junction 2 festival, plus all the previous benefits.

You can register for presale access here, with further details on the drop announced soon.

COLORS Announces Founding Member Passes 

COLORS has announced its Founding Member passes.

COLORS is, according to the website, an “aesthetic music platform showcasing exceptional talent” via the promotion of “the most distinctive new artists and original sounds,” which will all be realized with “editorial, IRL and URL experiences, apparel, NFT drops and more.”

Tomorrow, COLORS will open public minting for its Founding Member passes, which are essentially blank NFT canvases that will display curated artworks each season developed through grants awarded by the community. Holders will also gain access to “exclusive seasonal mints,” IRL and URL DAO event access, Founding Member Discord channel access, proposal voting rights, and more.

There is a total supply of 1700 Founding Member passes, with each selling for 0.2 ETH ($358 at the time of writing).

You can learn more and mint the Founding Member passes here.

Chaos Festival and NFT Drop Goes Live

Chaos Festival goes live today.

Chaos is a Song Camp experiment, and a headless band of 77 artists— a group consisting of 45 musicians, nine visual artists, six engineers, five radio producers, three economists, two lore masters, and seven operatives helping realize the project.

Today, at 2:23 p.m. PT, the fruits of the band’s three-month existence (experiment) will go live. The collection will feature 5000 Chaos Packs, with each pack containing four music NFTs, with the music NFTs falling under Acts, which represent two-week creation blocks of the songwriting camp. Pack holders can only listen to and see what songs have been assigned to their pack after they open it, which is an on-chain transaction that mints (randomly) four tracks out of the 45 possible songs created by Chaos. A unique cover artwork will also be generated for each NFT.

Ahead of the launch, Chaos Festival will hold a “Countdown to Chaos” hour at 1 p.m. PT, as well as a “Chaos Giveaway” at 2 p.m. PT for anyone holding a Chaos Festival ticket.

You can find out more about Chaos Festival and the drop here.

Web3 Streaming Platform Tamago Announces $1 Million Seed Investment and Upcoming NFT Drops 

Web3 streaming platform Tamago announced a $1 million seed investment.

The seed funding was secured via Block0, Move Capital, Daedalus, Human Guild, and Big Brain Holdings, allowing Tamago to reimagine the “streaming platform model through a mix of Web3 and NFT technology.”

Outside of being purely a streaming platform, Tamago recently added an in-app Near wallet, which allows artists to mint and sell downloadable content as NFTs. Upcoming NFT drops include Felix Da Housecat, who is planning a succession of one-of-one drops throughout the year; Panorama Bar-resident Paramida, who will release a bundle that will include an unreleased track, vinyl dubplate, and guestlist spots to Love on the Rocks; and Tiga, who has committed to an NFT drop in July.

You can check out Tamago here.

What to Join and Who to Follow:

Peacenode: graphic artist and contributor to Chaos and Songcamp, Seed Club member, and more.

Violetta: singer/songwriter, DJ, Chaos member, and Web3 builder.

Tim Exile: musician, music software builder, and Endless creator.

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