Ulla and Perila are LOG for Album of Unsettling Ambient Dub Textures

Ulla and Perila have teamed up as LOG for a new album of unsettling ambient dub for Experiences LTD.

LOG ET3RNAL sees the pair building on a blossoming relationship formed over 2020 lockdown, which first resulted in a handful of low-key trips for Portugal’s silence box in July. Here we can expect a fuller suite of wistful gestures inspired by rambles in the forest.

An obvious reference point is Wolfgang Voigt’s Gas recordings transmuting the ambience of the Black Forest, we’re told, but Ulla and Perila’s take on this notion is more fractured and frayed. The album sees the pair weave synthetic micro-fibres and burnished pads into 11 gauzy visions that soundtrack a sleepwalking sojourn into the woods.

Perila, real name Sasha Zakharenko and curator of Radio.syg.ma, released Everything Is Already There on Boomkat Editions earlier this year. Her earlier work has come on Sferic and Motion Ward. Ulla, also known as Foamy, from Philadelphia, released inside means inside me in June.


01. LOG 1
02. LOG 2
03. LOG 3
04. LOG 4
05. LOG 5
06. LOG 6
07. LOG 7
08. LOG 8
09. LOG 9
10. LOG 10
11. LOG 11
12. LOG 12

LOG LP is available now on Experiences LTD. Meanwhile, you can order the record here and stream it in full below.

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