ÜLÉ Music & Arts Festival Makes Its Debut In Kansas City, MO @ Children’s Mercy Park

Currently located in Kansas City, Missouri, a brand new vibe will bestow itself upon the citizens of this city. ÜLÉ Music & Arts Festival is a cultural endeavour that will embrace electronic and hip-hop genres. Ready to satisfy thousands with a unique lineup of artists, ÜLÉ Music & Arts Festival is making a big splash in a quick way.

The event will land on these dates: June 24th and 25th. It will happen at the venue known as Children’s Mercy Park, which has already been home to other music events.

The festival is being brought to life by two locals who have gotten their hands dirty before through throwing other concerts in the city. Austin Laing and Jake Laing, who are indeed brothers, come from Kansas City and are ready to give back in a way that’s bigger than themselves. Investing in your hometown is an action that speaks volumes on it’s own, but pair this with a lineup that includes Jai Wolf, RL Grime, Slander, Ski Mask The Slump God, Elohim, Strap Back, Broderick Jones, Lil Skies, Ekali, Sebastian Paul, Jooby Truth, and Matt Easton, and you have generated something that will be talked about for years to come.

Though it will be the 1st annual ÜLÉ Music & Arts Festival, the plan is for this to happen every year and even include camping with it.

Grab your tickets for ÜLÉ Music & Arts Festival here and check out the teaser trailer for the 2 day music festival below.



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