Music Submissions Roundup: AprilMusic Submissions Roundup: April

Welcome, once again, to another submissions roundup—this time for April. This month, we’re delighted to present music from many new faces, in particular Rome-based producer Marco Diamubeni, whose back catalog we’ve been tuning into this month. And Italy, for whatever reason, is represented strongly on this list, with Matteo Ciccarone, better known as Sickarone, featuring too, alongside Francesco Terranova, who showcases a more techno-focused EP. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something more soothing, then look no further than Aspetuck’s delightful mix, which captures the push and pull of changing seasons, or “Hope” by New York’s Ses, a slice of obscure and elegant electronica that we just can’t stop playing! Thanks once again for your continued support!

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Loverground “How U Feel”

In April, Kevin Erlicher, better known as Loverground, released My Love is True, a pop-oriented EP that followed his Whatever Happens, Happens EP on Majestic Casual. The release brings together dreamy synthesizers and danceable rhythms, with the addition of Erlicher’s reverberated voice making for a sultry combination. We’re streaming “How You Feel,” the opener, here.


Sickarone “Vibe Therapy

Matteo Ciccarone, better known as Sickarone, is a producer from Turin, Italy with a sound shaped by jungle, garage, and footwork. His productions are full of chopped breaks and pitched, hypnotic vocals. In 2021, he released a six-track EP called Rudecat on 4NCY, but more recently he’s put out an EP on Milan’s Funclab Records, which features a high-energy remix from Denham Audio, a track that is full of fierce low-end and searing percussion that hopes to bring a new urgency and vitality to the modern rave scene. We’re streaming that cut here.


Luxus Varta “Cria Cuervos”

Emeric Di Paolo, who created his Luxus Varta alias in 2015, is a mysterious French producer exploring the realms of electro and IDM releasing on Shipwrec, Trust, and Brokntoys. For his third release on his own label, In Abstracto, he ventures into a downtempo exploration with a bittersweet flavor. We’re streaming “Cria Cuervos,” the closer, in full here—but we suggest you check out the full release—it’s a slow-burning chugger for neon nights.


Francesco Terranova “Tunafish”

Italy’s Francesco Terranova, who during the ’90s as part the Open Mindz collective performed alongside the likes of Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, and Luke Slater, has now delivered his fifth EP for the Netherlands’ EPMmusic. The EP features four no-nonsense, straight-to-the-dancefloor techno tracks, beginning with this pulsating warehouse-primed opener, “Tunafish.”


HXJKT “Dom Kommer”

Allt Är Dött, a label based in Sweden, has released the debut EP FROM HXJKT, a mysterious project. Expect four tracks of hypnotic, deep, and dubby techno with occasional tribal-like percussion and abrasive synths, such as this one, “Dom Kommer,” a rolling slice of psychedelic techno.


Gwendoline “Voldebière” (Traumstadt remix)

Gwendoline, a cold wave producer based in Rennes, France, shared Après c’est gobelet! earlier this year. Now, though, he’s returned with a remix package featuring Traumstadt, who delivers a deep krautrock version of “Voldebière,” and UMWELT, who turns “La Fin Du Monde” into a closing track for warehouse parties. We’re streaming the former here; dive into its intoxicating sound world.


SMYAH “Ascension”

SMYAH, founder of Sound in Picture, meets film lab technician Pamela Leal for yet another audiovisual collaboration focused on analogue imagery and ambient, cinematic soundscapes. “Ascension” is an atmospheric, emotive piece that pulls you in and doesn’t let go. We’re big fans of SMYAH’s work and would recommend delving into his back catalogue, it’s ripe for extended listening sessions.


Boyan “Valley of Roses

Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria, Boyan Angelov (a.k.a Boyan) is inspired by soul and funk music. In 2019, he joined the Stereofox label and shared “Morning With Her,” and now he’s back with a release of deep house and electronica, including “Valley Of Rose,” an immaculately produced low-slung house track full of stunning keys. We’re excited to hear more.


BLCKEBY “Colombo”

Rome-based producer Marco Diamubeni found music through his mother, who had a strong passion for soul and R&B, especially Marvin Gaye and Lionel Richie. Stylistically, he fuses theses influences with hip-hop, French touch, and UK Bass to make a style of his own. “Colombo” is one of his more recent tracks, available now on doubledoubleu, it’s a warped ride through deep bass and stoned vocal lines. “u said / now I,” released in September, is also worth your time.


Quizzik “Meduna – Nafiltida (Quizzik Remix)”

After dedicating nine years to experimental electronic music and soundtrack composing, Quizzik moves into indie dance as one half of DeltaFoxx. Last year, though, he returned to his electro and IDM roots by remixing fellow Brazilian experimental producer ^L_ on a release through Berlin label Antime, and now he’s delivered a stripped-back remix of Meduna’s “Nafiltida” for 6 Plusten Records, bookending the track with a nimble bassline and skittering percussion.


Ses “Hope”

Earlier this month, Wex Records, a Berlin label for introverts, released a thoughtful compilation to help Ukraine. The standout of the release was “Hope” by Ses, a slice of obscure, elegant, and calming electronica that we keep coming back to. Check out the full release here.


Aspetuck “as winter fades; a meadow of delight” Mix

Aspetuck, whom we’ve featured before, has shared with EDMjunkies a two-hour mix he recorded in November. Though it didn’t really have a purpose at the time, it now reminds him of the period of limbo and tension in the northeast US when winter is slowly but surely giving way to small hints of spring.

“It’s such a nostalgic feeling experiencing the dramatic change between seasons again, as tiny flowers and bulbs start popping up everywhere,” he tells EDMjunkies, “after living in California for so long where the seasons are more mild.” The mix represents the push and pull between the seasons and flows through tracks from Nehoki, Alex Albrecht, Martinou, Seefeel, Willow, and Aspetuck himself.

Katharine Motion:Theory “Helix Hangout” Mix

Motion:Theory, the collaboration of Katharine and Ben Abrahams, have shared with EDMjunkies a mix of hypnotic grooves and lush astral house. Tune in for two hours of psychedelic madness.

SMYAHEDMjunkies Guest Mix

SMYAH again, this time with a mind-bending hour-long mix of dub, breaks, and grime, threading a hallucinogenic line through tracks from Calibre, Om Unit, FLO, Sun People, Khan, Fixate, and, of course, a few of his own.

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