Tomorrowland Documentary ‘We Are Tomorrow’ Releases This Month

Tomorrowland is getting their own documentary ‘We Are Tomorrow’. In collaboration with Amazon Music, it portrays the unique journies of four keynote people. Firstly is DJ Topic and the making of his exclusive track ‘Saving Me’. Secondly, world-renowned chef and Tomorrowland Foundation ambassador Gaggan Anand. Thirdly, Kenyan mother followed by business owner Vicky Tah. Lastly, is Mainstage dancer Kelly De Clercq. The short film will be available to stream on YouTube and Amazon Music on Tuesday, September 20.

After a two-year break, Tomorrowland returned in July 2022 for its 16th edition with the theme The Reflection of Love. It celebrated and expanded to an unprecedented 3 weekends. Plus, welcoming hundreds of thousands of People of Tomorrow. Attendees enjoyed the stars in electronic music’s biggest stars in Boom, Belgium. ‘We Are Tomorrow’ captures the unique world of everyone being equal, uniting as one through the universal language of music.

The 24-minute poetic and aesthetically stunning documentary film is directed by Wim Bonte. You’ll find each person telling personal stories about what Tomorrowland means to them. Plus, view spectacular new footage of the festival. Get an intimate look at the iconic music festival right from your homes. Different protagonists are portrayed in a raw and authentic way in the studio, at home, during rehearsals, and joining the celebration on the festival grounds.

Get to know what dancing means and the feeling of its therapy on the legendary Mainstage. Witness an emotional journey of a mother who found Tomorrowland’s family and see how it helped her. Follow the life of an Indian-born world-renowned 50 Best chef that grew up in poverty and now cooks for the exquisite Tomorrowland Restaurant. And find out what it means to be a premier beatmaker. Check out the trailer below.

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