The Chainsmokers & Bob Moses Come Together For New Collaboration, Why Can’t You Wait

The Chainsmokers are back, and this time they are bringing the electronic duo, Bob Moses, along for the ride. This past February, The Chainsmokers returned to the music space by surprising us with a new single. The single named ‘High‘ was straight off their new album ‘So Far So Good‘. Since then, we’ve seen the duo release their 4th studio album, to much acclaim — or so we thought. Over the course of the Fourth of July weekend, The Chainsmokers made an addition to So Far So Good. This addition was in the shape of ‘Why Can’t You Wait‘ alongside Bob Moses. If you’re a fan of dance music, this is a tune you will not want to miss.

Why Can’t You Wait

When you take into consideration the fact that both The Chainsmokers and Bob Moses both come from different sides of the dance music spectrum, this is a collaboration I never saw coming. Having said that, after having given Why Can’t You Wait a listen, I find that this tune features a little bit of both of these two duos. Give ‘Why Can’t You Wait‘ a listen, and keep a keen ear out for the musical stylings of The Chainsmokers. In addition to this, you can also hear the songwriting techniques often used by both TCS, and BM. While you’re at it, the drum techniques of Bob Moses are on full display, right from the beginning of the song.

With a playtime of three minutes and forty-nine seconds, this is a tune that fans of both duos are going to love this track. With that said, it’s story-telling, at its best, in song form. This is a space that I believe is where both The Chainsmokers and Bob Moses thrive. The Chainsmokers & Bob MosesWhy Can’t You Wait‘ is out now on Disruptor Records/Columbia Records and can be streamed below, enjoy!

The Chainsmokers & Bob Moses – Why Can’t You Wait | STREAM

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