Strategy Next on Peak Oil with Collection of “Swinging, Bass-Driven Bangers”

Portland producer Paul Dickow will release a new album as Strategy.

Unexplained Sky Burners spans one hour of “dubby, swinging, bass-driven bangers,” we’re told. It comprises stabs and breaks sourced across the legacy of dance music, then wrung through the Portland artist’s chain of hand-built gear.

The effect is both familiar and foreign, “like big room tunes distilled to their core DNA then set loose to churn eternally, equal parts heady rave purism and scientific rhythm experiment.”

This is Dickow’s third outing for the Los Angeles label Peak Oil, following 2012’s self-titled LP and 2014’s Pressure Wassure. It also follows releases on 100% Silk, Kranky, Idle Hands, and his own Community Library.

Conceptually, Dickow describes the album as a love letter to the myriad strains of breakbeat house.

The title refers to an underreported aerial incident above the Willamette Valley, when a mysterious fireball soared through the atmosphere and disappeared into the light of the rising sun.


01. Frontiera
02. Unexplained Sky Burners
03. Blue Situation
04. Bassmaker
05. Bug Bongo
06. Santur
07. Inside the Pyramid
08. Koto Novo
09. Super Moon

Unexplained Sky Burners LP is scheduled for September 20 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Frontiera” and “Unexplained Sky Burners” in full below, and pre-order here.

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