Sting Was Almost Swedish House Mafia’s Coachella Special Guest

Artist management and festival bookings can be a tricky tricky thing. And for Coachella, the largest festival in North America, this holds true. In a recent Billboard article about women in music management, manager Dina Sahim opened up about her experience locking in Swedish House Mafia after the late Kanye dropout. 

There are so many moving parts in an event like Coachella, and in the world of artist management, there are so many factors out of ones control to consider when putting together a line-up. Originally Swedish House Mafia was slated to be the soul headliner and The Weeknd was supposed to be a surprise guest. The other surprise guest was supposed to be Sting

However, when The Weeknd was upgraded to co-headliner, things changed again, and Sting was dropped. Sahim was quoted saying:

“It’s mind-blowing to look back and see what [we] put together and accomplished together,” she said. “It’s so much better when you win together.”

In this world, there are so many what-ifs and almosts. And while sometimes it’s fun to daydream about what could have been. It’s always better to be grateful for what is actually happening. And it goes to show, that even if you are Sting, you might still need to surrender to the greater flow of the Universe.

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