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Steve Ropes is an Italian musician and producer. At a young age, Steve learned how to play guitar and piano which he incorporates seamlessly into his productions. With strong metal and rock influences he played in a band for a few years before getting he got passionate about electronic music and started his solo project in 2018. Steve’s new single “Restless Heart” is an emotionally-driven electro pop track. The new track is definitely one the most intriguing the season.


Steve Ropes shares the single:

“This song was put together in a very particular period my life, when my insane passion for music was, and still is, making me doing so many sacrifices that every day I ask myself the same question, is it worth it? The answer is alway a big yes, even though sometimes is very frustrating and make you questioning about yourself and your whole life every day. But you know, big dreams are not easy and I try to write music with all my heart and emotions, that is why I think artists and creative people in general have a ‘restless heart’. Because the process behind is very tiring but passion, if is strong and true, seems never to fade away. I don’t think this song came out some inspirational moment, I think it’s simply my mood.”


With bottomless talents and beats, Steve Ropes is sure to be on your must-listen to radar for 2020.


Listen to the track here:


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