SONDR, VIZE & Lilly Ahlberg Create 'Kids'

The ‘True Love’ producers SONDR have joined forces with VIZE – responsible for over 200 million streams since they broke out in 2018 – to present ‘Kids.’ Co-written by the esteemed Shy Martin and vocals coming in hot from Lilly Ahlberg, it’s safe to say this one is a guaranteed hit.

Layers groove-filled melody and a crisp rhythmicality flicker through ‘Kids,’ and its progressions are given a little bassy boost from VIZE’s more powerhouse production style. SONDR reveal: “We had a great time working with VIZE and Lilly Ahlberg on this record. We always like to include organic instrumentation in our songs, but this is the first time we used a string orchestra. Between the orchestral arrangements, Lilly’s indie-leaning vocal and VIZE’s signature “Slap House” style we feel we have created a unique sound with this record. Everything fell into place naturally and we are really happy with the outcome!”

Listen to their ‘Kids’ below.



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