Skrillex To Play Berghain for PAN Anniversary Party

One of the biggest acts in dance music will be playing at the prestigious Berghain in Berlin for the very first time. Skrillex has been booked to play PAN party on Friday, October 27th. The PAN 15 event also has sets planned from Tzusing, Crystallmess, Amnesia Scanner, Doss, and Objekt. Pan is a storied Berlin-based music label.

The nine-hour event is celebrating 15 years of the German label. This will mark the first time Skrillex will be performing at Berghain. This is a unique moment in the club’s history. Berlin is known for its underground electronic scene and Berghain shows that off at it’s best.

The booking of Skrillex is a departure from the norm. But maybe that is exactly what Berghain is going for, expect the unexpected. We begin to wonder what a Skrillex set will be like there. Will he throw in some old classic dubstep or keep it to his newer sound?

Berghain is known to be the hardest venue to get into in the world. People wait for hours outside only to be rejected at the door. Its exclusive nature has made it the most sought-after club to attend. There are plenty of rumors (some true) of what goes on inside. I will leave it to you to research those.

Will more household names be booked at Berghain or is this a one-off?

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