Rome In Silver Releases Double Single ‘ Waiting…’ and ‘Return Of Love’

With the first days of summer within view, Rome In Silver excitedly releases a double single ‘Waiting…‘ and ‘Return of Love’. The latter single features Biicla and releases on Seeking Blue Records. Starting from mmall beginnings, the talented artist-producer grew up in small town Murrieta, California. With a lack of things to do, RIS took to music as a way to keep busy.

“I started Rome in Silver in 2014 after I had a dream where I was walking through Rome and the walls of the buildings were dripping in a liquid silver. To me the liquid represents flowing freely, which is the way I approach making music.”

– Rome In Silver

Following successful releases (Skin & Fade) and remixes: Dabin – ‘Holding On [Rome In Silver Remix]’ and Ishi – ‘Bring The Thunder [Rome In Silver Remix]‘, he brings this double single as a way to express himself further through music.

“I want my fans to expect the unexpected, There is something for everyone. I touch on love, the fear of getting older, insecurities, and feeling like I don’t fit in.”

– Rome In Silver

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