Pariah and Blawan Team Up on Punk Album

Photo: Perry Gibson

Arthur Cayzer (a.ka. Pariah) and Jamie Roberts (a.k.a Blawan) have come together as Persher.

Cayzer and Roberts’ debut as Persher is the culmination of a long friendship. Originally bonding over their love of heavy music when they first met in 2009, Man With The Magic Soap distills decades of immersion in punk, hardcore, and metal into a record that “gleefully shirks categorization.”

Across seven new tracks, the pair balances “ferocious immediacy with meticulous sound design, using an amalgam of acoustic instruments and electronic equipment to warp original source material into “bristling hooks and corrosive atmospheres.”

We can expect an “astonishingly heavy and unique” sonic palette.

“Whilst making the record, we tried hard to avoid thinking about how a band, playing in a room, might achieve a certain sound,” the pair explains. “And instead we used the instruments as source material in an attempt to produce new and interesting sounds that aren’t heard often in this type of music.”

Pariah and Blawan also team up as Karenn, a live collaboration that recaptures the punk ethics and energy of early dance music pioneers.


01. Man With The Magic Soap
02. Calf
03. Ten Tiny Teeth
04. World Sandwiches 2
05. Face To Face Cloth
06. Mother Hen
07. Patch of Wet Ground

Man With The Magic Soap LP is scheduled for October 21 release. Meanwhile, you can stream the title-track and “World Sandwiches 2” in full below and pre-order here.

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