Nora En Pure – Wholehearted EP

Nora En Pure – Wholehearted EP

It’s New Music Friday! Swiss-South African beauty Nora En Pure is back with her second release of the year, Wholehearted EP. Ahead of her summer tour this week, the EP consists of three tracks out now on Enormous Tunes. Lets dive right into talk about the journey these three tracks take us on.


‘Wholehearted’ the title track starts off with a steady driving base and scattered samples for up to a minute and a half. Right before the two minute mark we slow down and hear some soothing piano. It then picks up with the sonic base and earthy sounds keeping us all grooving to the rhythm. The track ends off with the soothing piano again, definitely an emotional song and a perfect soundtrack for the summer months. This is an apt title track and sets the tone for the next to songs. Overall, with your eyes closed you can tell the twists and turns in the track have Nora written.

Prophets of Hope

The title of this track again notes to the summer, a season of Hope. I can see this creating some serious fire on the dance floor, a new pool party favorite? The songs starts off strong with the loud punchy synths and continues the pace throughout. Adding in the rattling baseline it has our attention till the end. Definitely has a darker tone but the inches up to that ‘Hope’ we are looking for. The song brings power to her earthy tones. This leads up to her last track in the EP.


Sycamore‘ is a tree with large maple-like leaves. Again paying an ode to her love for nature Nora brings us a powerful last track. It has an uplifting melodic feeling with euphoric synths. The song leads up to a hard hitting low-end. Nora has tried and tested this track and if you caught her recently at Coachella or Ultra Abu Dhabi you would have heard it. From the videos I caught, the crowd took to it immediately. This will be a hot favorite in her upcoming summer shows!

This EP is an exciting start to Nora’s tour with her first stops being Detroit, Charleston and Miami. She is set to perform at Marquee Dayclub for EDC week before heading back to Europe. Check out all of Nora’s tour information here.

Nora En Pure – Wholehearted EP

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