NILU Unveils Captivating ‘Animus’ EP On Einmusik’s label, EIN2

Copenhagen producer and DJ NILU released his captivating 3-track EP, Animus, and it’s out now for all to hear via Einmusik‘s imprint, EIN2. NILU continues to cement the position of a rising star with each release, and this is no exception. Dance grooves all the way to melodic satisfaction, all ground is covered.

NILU’s Animus EP features three songs, all of which retain characteristics of his individual sound. However, they also maintain individuality through their distinct production choices, so each stands on its own. Moreover, some points provide melodic and hypnotizing moments, while at others, we get a surge of dance energy. It won’t be a surprise when you hear this in clubs throughout your experiences, as the EP is rather infectious in energy.

Nilu constantly captivates during his performances, so gravitate to the chance of seeing him perform!

Finally, listen to NILU present his Animus EP which is out now via Einmusik’s label, EIN2, below!

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