Mark Reeve Says Techno Has Become Just Like EDM

Mark Reeve recently published a post on Facebook where he mentions how techno is becoming more mainstream, following the footsteps of generic EDM. The term “business techno” is more present than ever with these statements.

Something that we can see in recent years is the exponential growth of techno in the mainstream scene. Actually, this does not surprise us at all, many experts in the music industry predicted it. However, many producers and agents faithful to the genre have noted that this popularity entails an essential sacrifice, which is against the very principles of the genre. This time Mark Reeve was the one who highlighted this feeling of discomfort when seeing that techno is something like EDM 2.0.

The talented producer and DJ mention in the post the fact that nowadays, the number of followers you can have on Instagram matters much more than good music. In fact, many clubs and festivals rely on these metrics when hiring these artists. At the same time, like many producers, he mentions the fact that they care much more about the content on social networks than deepening their knowledge and production techniques.

No one is interested in what music gets played as long as the acting, following and ticket selling is guaranteed. An Artist that just releases records even on big labels gets hardly noticed nowadays

Mark Reeve

In fact, he mentions that for the techno producers of yesteryear this is an apocalypse. A time when electronic music (especially techno) is becoming more of a business than an art. Many are at the crossroads of making completely sell-out music. Or what really fills their soul even if that means zero sales.

“For the real musicians it means the end is near ! Techno is just business like EDM was and still is. In fact techno now even sounds similar to EDM”

At the same time, he invites us not to buy a party and invest that fund in culture. Artists should continue to express their times and efforts into creating music that inspires and connects. After all, it is up to the fans to choose who are the big names on the scene. Support true talents, not those who are only attractive by their social media popularity.

You can check out the post here.

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