Maor Levi Releases Stunning ‘Shift EP’

Mid week comes packed with Maor‘s music, in the form of this very extensive EP.

Today’s artist needs no introduction: Maor Levi. A Trance veteran, having joined the Anjunafamily when he was only 15, has been releasing consistently over time. Actually, look no further and we can see he had released a couple singles this year alone — namely, ‘Alone‘ and ‘Let You Go‘.

If you just wished all the single hype pointed to an EP, well you’re in luck today! Maor Levi just released the Shift EP. If you just wished you could have tons of Maor Levi and Maor Levi related works in the palm of your hand, and straight out of the oven, well you’re also in luck today! This EP contains tons of music, and when I say tons, I mean it. In total, this release contains seven (!) songs — five originals + two remixes —, plus all the tracks in both radio edit and full extended mixes, adding up to an unbelievable fourteen tracks making up the, basically, mini album.

Maor Levi.

The Shift EP

Alright, so let’s break this monster down. The first track we come across is ‘Mhondoro‘, a harder-Progressive-Trance collaboration between Maor Levi, OTIOT, and singer EL Waves. If you feel like you’ve heard this one somewhere, it’s because it was featured in Above & Beyond‘s Anjunabeats Volume 16 compilation last year. Then there’s his conjoint single ‘Let You Go‘ alongside Magnificence. Read the article we wrote for this track by clicking here.

Next up, a team work between Maor, Brandon Vendetta, and duo Ash Nova, titled ‘Alone‘. We’ve also written about the track, so be sure to read by clicking here. Further down the line, there’s ‘Open Road‘, yet another Maor-OTIOT collab, this time featuring vocals by Taylr Renee. This song, together with the next one on the list, make up the two new singles to be premiered via this EP. Finally, the fifth track of the EP is called ‘2 Minds‘, a track produced by Mr. Levi, and featuring vocal lines by SLM.

Closing the EP stand two brand new remixes for Maor’s 2021 track ‘Am I Dreaming?‘, one by Crystal Skies, and the other by Tony Gribsun. Please keep in mind all tracks feature their extended counterpart as much as their radio edit form.

Final Words

So, in short, if you’re a fan of Maor Levi, you’re in for a treat, and not any treat either: this candy is of those which last for a while. A jawbreaker if you will.

Listen to the Shift EP down below to access the Spotify album. Also, click here to go to Apple Music.

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