Lil West Delivers The Official Drop of “Give it All Up”

Originally debuted on Soundcloud, Lil West's "Give It All Up" quietly emerged as a fan favorite with over 186K plays. Now, it finally receives an official release spurned by audience demand. The drop follows a string of releases with Brevin Kim that later resulted in a collaborative EP titled Metallic Body Language.


Produced by Take A Daytrip and Russ Chell, the track feels like a hazy daydream. Echoing guitar by Chell reverberates over a sparse beat from Take A Daytrip. Meanwhile, Lil West dips in and out of woozy verses before a heartfelt hook. Waving goodbye, he hums, "I'll feel better when I reach all my goals. Things ain't lookin' too good for me and you. And I’m here to lift you up and brighten your soul. And I should give it all up."


Lil West is making a case for why he's one of the most exciting rappers rising from the underground and we stand behind him on his way to stardom.


Enjoy "Give It All Up" below.

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